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Billy Idol (born William Michael Albert Broad, 30 November 1955, Stanmore, Middlesex) is an English rock musician.

Billy Idol first achieved fame in the punk rock era as a member of the band Generation X. Soon after he embarked on a successful solo career. Aided by a series of stylish music videos, making him one of the first MTV stars. Billy continues to tour with guitarist Steve Stevens and has a fan base all around the world.

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His name Billy Idol was inspired by a school teacher's description of Broad as "idle."

Billy Idol lived in Worthing, England before attending Sussex University for only one year before joining the Bromley Contingent of Sex Pistols fans. Billy Idol first joined the punk rock band Siouxsie but soon quit and joined Chelsea in 1977 as a guitarist. Billy and Chelsea bandmate Tony James soon quit that group and co-founded Generation X, with Billy Idol switching from guitar to lead singer.

Generation X signed to Chrysalis Records and released three albums. Short after they brake out. Idol moved to New York and began performing as a solo artist.

In 1983, in an effort to establish Billy Idol to the USA audiences "Dancing With Myself" was released in the U.S. in conjunction with a music-video that played in heavy rotation on MTV for about six months. That video started a whole new era of feature film directors trying themselves at music videos. Along with "White Wedding," the "Dancing With Myself" video make Idol a family name in America.

"White Wedding" was held to be a "nasty put down" by Idol. In the 2001 recording of VH1 Storytellers Idol refutes that, saying his sister's marriage was only motivation for the song, which quickly took on its own structure. Idol's sister is still married with three children. Idol and Perri broke up in 1990. They have a son together named Willem Wolfe Broad.

Billy Idol was involved in a relationship with a woman of the name Linda Mathis. Though there was a thirteen year age dissimilarity, they began seeing each other frequently. At the age of 19, Linda became pregnant, and chose to move in with her mother to have her child. Linda had the child on August 21, 1989, and named her Bonnie Blue Broad.

Rebel Yell through the 2000's

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Billy Idol Albums

1. Don't Stop (EP) - 1981 #71 US
2. Billy Idol - 1982 #45 US
3. Rebel Yell - 1983 #2 UK / #6 US / #2 Germany / #40 Netherlands / #16 Switzerland
4. Vital Idol - 1987 #4 UK / #10 US (1987 release) / #8 Germany / #24 Switzerland
5. Whiplash Smile - 1986 #2 UK / #6 US / #9 Germany / #19 Netherlands / #4 Switzerland
6. Idol Songs: 11 of the Best - 1988 #2 UK / #14 Germany / #6 Switzerland
7. Charmed Life - 1990 #15 UK / #11 US / #5 Germany / #51 Netherlands / #4 Switzerland
8. Cyberpunk - 1993 #20 UK / #48 US / #13 Germany / #50 Netherlands / #15 Switzerland
9. Greatest Hits - 2001 #74 US / #12 Germany / #30 Switzerland
10. VH1 Storytellers: Billy Idol - 2002 #14 Germany / #76 Switzerland
11. Essential Billy Idol - 2003
12. Devil's Playground - 2005 #78 UK / #46 US / #15 Germany / #32 Switzerland
13. Happy Holidays - 2006
14. The Very Best of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself - 2008

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