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Frank Zappa was one of the most talented composers of the rock era. Zappa music combines an sympathetic of and positive reception for such modern classical figures as Stravinsky, Stockhausen, and Varèse with an friendliness for late-'50s doo wop rock & roll and a ability for the guitar-heavy rock that conquered pop in the '70s. But Zappa was also a satirist whose treasury of contempt seemed unlimited and whose immoral sense of humor and illogicality have charmed his many fans, even when his lyrics crossed over the broadest bounds of taste. Lastly, Frank Zappa was possibly the most productive record-maker of his time, rotating out huge amounts of music on his own Barking Pumpkin label and through distribution deals with Rykodisc and Rhino after long, miserable relations with manufacturing giants like Warner Brothers and the now-defunct MGM.


Zappa became paying attention in music early and pursued his studies in school, up through a six-month stretch at Chaffey College in Alta Loma, CA. He scored a couple of low-budget films and used the money to buy a low-budget recording studio. In 1964, he connected a local band called the Soul Giants, which, over the course of the next two years, evolved into the Mothers, who played songs written by Frank Zappa. The band was signed to the Verve partition of MGM by producer Tom Wilson in 1966 and recorded its first album, a two-LP set called Freak Out!, which introduced Zappa's wellbeing in both solemn music and pop as well as his scathing wit.

Following albums comprehensive the musical and lyrical themes of the first appearance, and they came regularly. Three albums, for instance, hit the charts in 1968: We're Only in It for the Money, a Mothers album that complete fun of hippies and Sgt. Pepper; Lumpy Gravy, a Zappa solo album recorded with an orchestra; and Cruising With Ruben & the Jets, on which the Mothers played neo-doo wop. In the direction of the end of the '60s, Zappa prolonged the Mothers arrangement, rotating additional to instrumental jazz-rock, much of which displayed his technically talented guitar playing. But by the end of the decade, he had broken up the band.

In 1970, though, Frank Zappa reassembled a new edition of the Mothers, featuring previous Turtles lead singers Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan as frontmen. The array enthused the group more in the direction of X-rated comedy, notably on the album Fillmore East: June 1971, but it was short-lived: during a presentation at the Rainbow Theatre in London, Zappa was pressed from the stage by a crazy fan and seriously injured.

 While he in good health, Zappa released more than a few albums, then he re-formed the Mothers with himself as lead singer and made pop/rock albums such as Over-nite Sensation that were in the middle of his best-selling records ever. By the end of the '70s, Frank Zappa was recording on his own labels, distributed in some cases by the majors, and he had paying attention a reliable faction following for both his humor and his complex music.

In the '80s, Zappa gained the civil rights to his old albums and began to reissue them, at first on his own and then through the innovative Rykodisc CD label. He wrote his biography and embarked on a world tour in 1988. That was the end of his live performing arts, apart from for such inaccessible appearances as one in Czechoslovakia at the enticement of its post-Communist president, Zappa fan Vaclav Havel. In late 1991, it was definite that Frank Zappa was critically ill with cancer. Nonetheless, his agenda of album releases sustained to be quick. Zappa died in December of 1993, with a number of posthumous releases to follow.

Frank Zappa Albums Discography:

Interview Picture Disc (1994)
Ahead Of Their Time (1993)
The Yellow Shark (1993)
Playground Psychotics (1992)
You Can't Do That On Sta... (1992)
You Can't Do That On Sta... (1992)
Any Way The Wind Blows (1991)
As An Am (1991)
The Best Band You Never ... (1991)
Make A Jazz Noise Here (1991)
Saarbrucken 1979 (1991)
Piquantique (1991)
The Ark (1991)
'Tis The Season To Be Jelly (1991)
Unmitigated Audacity (1991)
Freaks & Motherfu*#@%! (1991)
You Can't Do That On Sta... (1989)
Apostrophe'/Overnite Sen... (1988)
Broadway The Hard Way (E... (1988)
You Can't Do That On Sta... (1988)
You Can't Do That On Sta... (1988)
Guitar (1988)
Does Humor Belong In Music? (1986)
Jazz From Hell (1986)
We're Only In It For The... (1986)
Frank Zappa Meets The Mo... (1985)
Francesco Zappa (1984)
Them Or Us (1984)
Thing-Fish (1984)
Boulez Conducts Zappa: T... (1984)
Baby Snakes (1983)
The Man From Utopia (1983)
London Symphony Orchestra (1983)
Ship Arriving Too Late T... (1982)
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar (1981)
Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981)
You Are What You Is (1981)
Interview Picture Disc II (1981)
Joe's Garage, Acts I, II... (1979)
Sheik Yerbouti (Explicit) (1979)
Sleep Dirt (1979)
Orchestral Favorites (1979)
Apostrophe (') (1979)
Zappa In New York (1978)
Zoot Allures (1976)
One Size Fits All (1975)
Bongo Fury (1975)
Apostrophe (') (1974)
Roxy & Elsewhere (1974)
Over-Nite Sensation (1973)
Waka/Jawaka (1972)
Fillmore East, June 1971 (1971)
Chunga's Revenge (1970)
Weasels Ripped My Flesh (1970)
Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970)
Hot Rats (1969)
Uncle Meat (1969)
Cruising With Ruben & Th... (1968)
We're Only In It For The... (1968)
Absolutely Free (1967)
Lumpy Gravy (1967)
Freak Out! (1966)

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